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MyXSEAL, LLC was created by a retired US Navy SEAL Chief JD Williamson and his beautiful wife Sue.
We want  to be your home for information about firearms safety and improving your shooting skills.

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MyXSEAL offers equipment, suggestions concerning the safe use of guns and instructional DVD movies with ways to improve your gun shooting skills. 



MyXSEAL proudly supports America's Mighty Warriors & LZ-Grace Warriors Retreat with providing a 10% donation of product sales, with each charity receiving 5% each.

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For more info:




MyXSEAL Pistol 1 DVD

Practical firearms & shooting fundamentals for new or experienced pistol shooters. 1hr 45 mins of viewing. *Watch the Movie Trailer here*   Incluye Versión en Español Spanish/Voice Over option included.   FREE Shipping within the USA! Pistol 1 is a movie that places you inside the firearms training environment with JD Williamson,...

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